questions regarding Dual Channel Memory setup

I Recently built my current PC (just last week)

CPU: e6750 2.66 GHz C2D
MoBo: Intel DG33FB
RAM: 2x 1 GB 667 MHz Kingston RAM

i want to increase the ram to 4 GB,

now if i install two more 2x 1 GB 800 MHz ram.

will the ram (along with new ones) still work in dual channel? (the 2 sticks are 667 and teh new 2 would be 800Mhz)

like if i install the ram as:

Channel A Dimm 0 1 GB 667 MHz Kingston
Channel B Dimm 0 1 GB 800 MHz Kingston/Corsair
Channel A Dimm 1 1 GB 667 MHz Kingston
Channel B Dimm 1 1 GB 800 MHz Kingston/Corsair

will the ram still work in Dual Channle?

also, what if i get only a single 2GB DDR2 800MHz kingston stick?

and install it along with the current 2x1GB 667MHz kingston ram... will all the dimms still work in dual channel??

plus, i think the brand isnt necessary for dual channel ..only the frequency should match if i buy Corsair ram and install it with kingston ..then what abt dual channel?

plz enlighten me.
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  1. It should work, but at the speed of the slowest stick. Just get a kit.
  2. which OS are you running? If it's XP, you won't be able to run more than 3gb. If it's vista, 4gb's your max.

    Honestly, to max out system performance, I'd just find a 4gb kit that's two 2gb sticks, that way it'll be faster and in dual channel. You can save your 667 sticks for something else.
  3. I am running 2 x 667 sticks and 2 x 800(1000 EEP). I have it all set at 667(to match my cpu) anyway with no problems. The 667 stuff rated at 5,5,5,15 even runs fine at 4,4,4,10 @ 2 volts.....

    The T2 command rate does not seem to have much effect that i have seen....

    As said you will not get all 4....somewhere from 3.2 - 3.6 in most cases.... enjoy
  4. i am running vista 32-bit ... the issue here is not about getting all the 4GB ..its about getting 800MHz outta the 2 new kits i am gonna buy.

    i am worried that if i install the 2x1 gb800 mhz along with 2x1 gb 667 mhz, will the slow sticks make the newer and faster ones work at 667 also :-/

    i cant buy new 4 gb at once but i've money for 2gb so i was thinking about getting 800 mhz...

    667 and 800 Mhz doesn't have much speed difference but i want to gain a lil speed.

    as for saving teh 667 rams for something else and buy new 4 gb ... well i cant afford that..i built this pc just last week so there's no way i can get 4gb more ram at once and dispose off the current 667 mhz ram ...

    more suggestions plz...
  5. Pair the together 677 together in 1 bank, the 800 in the other bank.
    Your board should default all the memory to speed of the slowest stick.
    If it does not, and will not boot, you may have to go into the BIOS and manually set the buss divider, and the timings of the slowest pair, then install the other memory.
    It will ALL run at 677 though, and all at the same timings, in dual channel mode.
    You really won't be able to tell any difference between the 667 and the 800mhz memory.
    Later, when you have more cash, you could replace the 667 with more 800 and bump it all up to the higher speed.
  6. AbbasJin said:
    Channel A Dimm 0 1 GB 667 MHz Kingston
    Channel B Dimm 0 1 GB 800 MHz Kingston/Corsair
    Channel A Dimm 1 1 GB 667 MHz Kingston
    Channel B Dimm 1 1 GB 800 MHz Kingston/Corsair

    That should work. But like the others are saying, if you have a little bit more money, get a 4GB kit and make it 800MHz. It's pretty cheap now.
  7. aaww man , so i will be getting 667MHz if install any faster memory with the current 667MHz ram.

    this sucks. i cant afford a whole 4 GB 800MHz ram right now.

    i guess i'll have to go with 2 GB of 667MHz ram and burn in sadness till i build another pc 3,4 years from now :-/

    lucks been so bad on my end. last week when i went to the market to buy parts for this current pc.. i was thinking about getting an e8400, to my badluck, the stupid local market was freaking outdated as usual and they said e8400 would arrive in two weeks (i am from Rawalpindi, Pakistan) ... so i had to settle down with an e6750. now i cant find 800MHz ram and even if i do get oen now it'll be still working at 667MHz ..

    i just wish there isn't much difference with my 4GB running at 667MHz now. I mainly play around with PCSX2 (THE PS2 emulator (normally Play Tekken4 on it)).

    i dont have a 3dcard yet and working on the onboard GMA3100 support ... prices are sooo up here as compared to online prices.

    just called local computer shop to inquire price of Radeon 3850 and the sucker said it'd cost me 210$ ... compared to the 170$ price announced by AMD yesterday?? (a few days back??) ... ugh ..i am so disappointed.
  8. You do realize that there are 4gb kits of DDR2 800 ram for less than $80? And that getting a 2gb kit would often times end up saving you only $20?
  9. 667 & 800mhz won't be noticeable to your naked eyes. In fact, you can't tell. Those who say so are overclockers or benchmarkers - not the average user. BTW, almost all new pcs come with 667mhz ram by default.

    The ati price cuts won't be reflected for a while. HD3850 $170 & HD3870 $190. If you ask me, HD3870 is a no brainer.
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