10-1 pin AAFP (front-panel audio)

Hey all,

Next up in my plan to conquer the world through a perfectly-setup set up: Front-Panel Audio.

I'm hooking up the tail from the front-panel audio (analog) to the AAFP pins on my P5K SE. Cross-refencing ASUS' manual, Intel's web site, and the labels on the 8 pins from my case, I have:
02|04|06|  |10
pin|    ASUS    |    Intel    |   Case   |
 1 |    MIC2    |     MIC     |  MIC-IN  |
 2 |    AGND    |   AUD_GND   |   GND    |
 3 |   MICPWR   |   MIC_BIAS  | MIC-BIAS |
 4 |     NC     |   AUD_GND   |   GND    |
 5 | Line_out_R |   FP_OUT_R  |  R-OUT   |
 6 |     NC     | FP_RETURN_R |   R-IN   |
 7 |     NC     |    AUD_5V   |    ?     |
 8 |     Ø      |     KEY     |    Ø     |
 9 | Line_out_L |   FP_OUT_L  |  L-OUT   |
10 |     NC     | FP_RETURN_L |   L-IN   |
What worries me is row #7, i.e., the lack of a power pin! That is, my case's front-panel audio is not 10-1, it's 10-2. I thought 5V power was important? But if so then why would the ASUS manual itself label pin #7 as "NC" — like the ground pins #2 and #4?

Did I somehow "lose" a tail from my case?
Or is 5V power to the f-Panel Audio (Analog, AC'97 Audio) optional and/or covered some other way?

If anyone can shed any light on this I'd be immensely grateful.



PS: I've done quite a bit of searching, and while I did find a great f-Panel USB FAQ over at Directron, I could not find a similar Audio FAQ aside from the table on intel.com
PPS: Links are also appreciated. :D
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  1. Does no one know? Is there no one here who's knowledgeable and willing enough to take a few seconds of their time to explain to me whether the 5-Volt wire is unimportant or if I have connected something incorrectly?

    ... maybe if i'd spent less time on that table and more time inserting typos and grammar mistaked, people would at least feel compelled to answer out of pedantry.
  2. cognatus
    I bought an ASUS motherboard P5B-MX/Wifi-AP and in the manual, which can be downloaded from ASUS here: http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us
    On page 1-35 it describes a Front panel audio connector (10-1 pin AAFP) with pin diagrams for both HD and AC'97.
    I need a front panel audio connector, but all ASUS said is see page 1-35.
  3. You don't need a separate +5V, since the line out supplies its own power and the mic in has a power connection (mic bias) already.
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