HELP - BSOD stop error when 8800GTS drivers are installed

I've built a new system and have spent the last week trying to get it to run with my new eVGA 8800GTS G92 512 graphics card.

Here's what I have:

- Q6600 Quad CPU
- MSI P6N Diamond Mobo
- Noctura P12U CPU cooler
- 2 Gig OCZ memory
- 1 Evga 8800GTS G92 512mb graphics card
- Windows XP home
- Raidmax Volcano 630W PSU, 2 -12v rails with 18A and 17A ratings
- 3 - 320mb SATA Maxtor hard drives
- 2 - Samsung SATA DVD DL optical drives
- No modem or sound card

Here's my problem :

All worked fine on the system build and windows XP load until I went and loaded my 8800GTS graphics drivers. After they loaded the system reboots and windows starts up and then crashes with a BSOD with the standard message .. A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer... blah blah

STOP code 0x0000008E (0xc0000005, 0x48303354,0xb967E3Ec, 0x00000000) and then it start to do an physical memory dump to disk.

I then have to stop the memory dump and reboot and hit F8 key and force it to go back to the last known good boot for it to come up again. When it boots up again its the boot round without the 8800GTS drivers installed.

I've searched this and other boards on this BSOD stop error and have tried everything that has been suggested with no success.

Here's what I've done:

1) I made sure my MSI mobo BIOS and drivers were all the latest versions

2) Some say this is an memory problem. I used memtest86 , MSFT memory test pgm and Symantec PC checkup pgm and ran memory tests on all three pgms and they all came back with no errors. I pulled out 1 memory Dimm and booted with one Dimm - same problem. I switched memory Dimm's - same problem. I'm pretty sure it's not a memory problem.

3) I download the latest graphic card drivers from both my card vendor and from Nvidia and tried both - same problem.

4) I talked to my graphics card tech support and they said my 500W power supply was probably causing the problem. I went out and bought the 630W RaidMAx which folks say they have 2 8800 GTS running SLI mode. Ratings should clearly support this system. They do --- New PSU - same problem

5) I RMA'ed my first 8800GTS. 2nd Graphics card came in - Same problem with 2nd graphics card.

6) Some say it's a virus. I read about the backdoor Robfo A/B virus. I did the recommended checks to the registry entries - no virus found. I loaded Symantec Anti-virus pgm updated to the lastest version and ran a full system virus check - no problems found.

7) Some say it's a hard drive problem. My 3 SATA hard drives are new. Windows and the computer found and recognized them all fine and I've not had any problems with them but to eliminate some of the potentail I'm only using 1 drive (c drive) for now until I solve this.

8) Some say it's a heat problem. My CPU and system temps have never gone above 30C during all my testing (of course with no loads put on them)

9) The graphics card is running. The fan is spinning and I do get VGA display in only two low end resolutions when I boot without the graphic drivers loaded.

10) I have checked and am using all proper power connections (24 pin mobo, 8 pin CPU and 6 pin graphics card)

11) I've reloaded Windows XP. Not a complete reformat and full reinstall but reloaded it on top of the first install. I went thru the full 39 min install process with no problems. it reloaded the graphic card drivers - when it finished - same problem.

Sooo....... have I missed anything? I don't know what else to try. I am so frustrated because this is the first time that I've had any problems in building a system.

If anyone has experienced this stop code or has any other ideas or suggestions please let me know.

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  1. That's rough dude, I had a similar experience with my first build, but never that many BSODS.

    I guess the only things that you haven't checked are the mobo and CPU, it just seems unlikely that it could be one of them though. Process of elimination tells us it must be one of them!

    Only thing I can think of is to re-seat the CPU, but I'm not sure if it would change anything.

    Sorry and good luck.
  2. What type of memory is it as in spec, I have been reading lately that the 1066 Ram seem to be having compatability issues with 8800GT/S cards on certain MOBO's. Sorry i have no specific info on which are affected. Just thought i would mention it in case.
  3. c5guy said:

    If anyone has experienced this stop code or has any other ideas or suggestions please let me know.

    I googled 0x0000008E and came up with the below link...

    This behavior may occur if one of the following conditions is true:
    -->One or more of the random access memory (RAM) modules that are installed on your computer are faulty.
    -->The RAM configuration is incompatible with Windows XP
  4. Ive had the same problem with my card,except mine only occurs while trying to use Vista Ultimate 64 bit edition.Card runs fine in XP.I called BFG and they had me RMA the card back to them,they said it was faulty hardware.
  5. mactronix said:
    What type of memory is it as in spec, I have been reading lately that the 1066 Ram seem to be having compatability issues with 8800GT/S cards on certain MOBO's. Sorry i have no specific info on which are affected. Just thought i would mention it in case.

    After googling the STOP code the memeory was the first place I looked.

    It's 2x1mb OCZ PC6800 DDR2 ram.

    The system runs fine in VGA mode without the 8800GTS drivers loaded, mobo BIOS and Windows fully recognized the ram.

    I tested the RAM with three diffrent memory testers and each time it came back with no errors.

  6. kellytm3 said:
    Ive had the same problem with my card,except mine only occurs while trying to use Vista Ultimate 64 bit edition.Card runs fine in XP.I called BFG and they had me RMA the card back to them,they said it was faulty hardware.

    Kelly -- thanx.

    I don't think it's my grpahics card...

    In the beginning after testing all my memory and a host of other things... I and eVGA tech support also thought the graphics board was bad. I RMA'ed my first board and got the 2nd one and the same problem occured.

  7. The saga continues.....

    Well I did a complete HHD reformat and fresh reload of Windows XP. And flashed the graphics card bios with the new update that did say it was to help PCIe compatability problems in some Gen1 boards. I had high hopes this would solve my problem.

    After the full XP reload I rebooted and it said found new hardware "VGA controller" and I pointed it at the EVGA drivers and it found it OK. Then it said it found 8800 GTS 512 and then loaded the 8800 GTS 512 drivers OK and then it said it found my monitor and loaded it OK and THEN............ it said it found a PCI device (???) and wanted to load that driver...... BUT when I let it try to find the driver on its own or pointed it to the EVGA drivers or even pointed it to the windows XP disk.... it could NEVER find a driver driver for the "PCI device" that it wanted.

    So the 8800GTS 512 drivers loaded OK and I by passed the PCI device load request and then I rebooted....... and sure enough POW -- same BSOD STOP error code problem that I've been having all along.

    I called EVGA tech support and asked about the "PCI device" found hardware request by windows and they said I should not have gotten that and it should not have needed that PCI device driver to load. Is this true? When anybody else has loaded their 8800 GT/S drivers did it also find and ask for a "PCI device" driver?

    Well I'm about at my witts end with this. I'm going to try the grahics card in another computer today and confirm if the card works or not and if it works OK then the only thing I can think of is that it's a motherboard problem. I've tried absolutly everything I can think of.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions or other ideas.


    P.S. By the way how is MSI on their motherboard RMA's?
  8. Not sure but your post reads like you are letting the wizard search for new hardware drivers ?
    If this is the case, dont. Keep telling it no or not this time untill it stops asking then install your drivers directly from where you have them saved like a normal executable programe. this saves any possable conflicts with it loading default drivers.
  9. This issue has been the most frustrating thing for me.
    I saved up a whole lot of money to splurge on a nice computer. I finally bought myself all the parts in May last year.
    I've built the computer, installed all the parts and then I was hit with this BSOD problem after a week of normal usage. It crashes whenever the video card is used. It crashes during video playback, audio playback with visualization on, 3d pinball, directx diagnostics, ntune tuning session, gaming and every other time the video card is used.

    The Antec p182b case sits in a Canadian household with ambient room temp of <20C. The computer was hand built with care, so there's no airflow restriction from the front of the case to the rear. The only wires you can even see are the sata cables from the optical drive in upper chamber, sata cable from hdd in lower chamber and a 6pin power connector for the pci-e video card. There's a high speed fan in the front upper chamber as intake and two antec tricool fans in the rear of upper chamber. The isolated lower chamber has a slow speed fan, sata WD 320GB harddrive and a corsair 620w psu. The ntune temp display always showed cool temps for everything on board.

    So like anyone else, I just RMA'd the card. But after another clean install the same problem occurred. Rinse and repeat. The second and third RMA's were also problematic.
    I've tried uninstalling the x-fi soundcard, uninstalling all media software, disabling the onboard sound, and every other configuration possible all with clean installs. I've ran the memtest couple of times, and on different computers. The memory sticks are just fine. So is the rest of the computer. I've played around with different pci-e slots, uninstalling the nvidia chipset add-ons for IDE's and the network manager. I used ntune and riva tuner to underclock the card. I've tried all the graphics drivers that have been released in the past 2 and a half years.

    Just in case you're wondering, I've done about 15 winxp installs trying to get this configuration to work.
    The computer works ok in VGA mode with no video drivers but that's unacceptable.
    The BSOD stop errors blame the nv_disp*.dll and it's different each time. I've even had the stop 0x08e error code.
    I'm gonna try to put in an ati card and see how it goes. Gotta sell the 8800gts before that though.

    I don't know if the THG guys check these forums or not but I'd be open to shipping this computer in for them to investigate and report on. Only these guys or Anandtech staff members will be able to pursue this matter as I can't spend a lot of time on this problem. I am willing to live without my computer for a month or two. Any ideas how I can get these guys interested in investigating this issue? Seems like there are a few other people who had the same problem. There still is no solution anywhere.

    ASUS P5N32E-SLI PLUS, C2D E6420 (cooled by a TR ULTRA120 Extreme), Mushkin XP2-6400 2GB, BFG 8800 GTS OC, SATA ODD, SATA HDD, Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS, Corsair 620HW
  10. slowcomputer, you are not crazy. I have the exact same problem. After installing a new motherboard and hard drive and Vista 64, my stop errors kept happening. I'm pretty sure that the memory is my problem. I have 2 gig Crucial Ballistix PC-6400 and 2 gig Corsair XMS PC-6400. I'm pretty sure its the Corsair because the only way to even get back to booting was to yank the corsair memory. The corsair were in the first dual channel slots with the crucial in the second slots. By pulling the corsair I was able to stop the errors long enough to boot the system. I installed everything again and placed the corsair memory in the second dual channel slots and I only get the stop error once a day now. I'm going to pull the corsair and see the stop errors continue. This happens with either XP or Vista installed. This has been a 10 day ordeal.

    System: E8400 no overclocking
    Gigabyte 3D Aurora case
    Hyper X 550 watt power supply
    Gigabyte EP-35 DSL3 latest Bios
    2 gig Crucial Ballistix PC-6400 and 2 gig Corsair XMS PC-6400 (default settings in Bios)
    Nautilus water cooling
    Seagate 500 gig SATA II drive
    EVGA 8800GTS 320 Mb
    Vista Ultimate 64 bit SP1
    Acer 22" monitor
  11. Have the same problem. Power supply has 3 rails at 12volts/17 amps a piece ...plenty enough for this card (Antec NEOPower 500Watts) vista and xp both cause it. original drivers through new updated drivers cause it .... Tried all suggestions found on blogs .... did anyone come up with an answer to this problem?
  12. I have the same problem, But I've been running the same system for over a year without any probs....all of a sudden the other day my video starts strobing and my system shuts down. When I try to restart, BSOD. I go into safemode remove the video drivers and its ok in VGA mode only. I am guessing that this is a problem with my video card or my PCI-Ex bus on the mainbaord. I will go and try a new video card with new drivers this week to see if that solves the problem. I hope its not my mainboard though!
  13. Found out that there was a flat cap that had blown loose on the board due to the Processor Overheating. I'm still not 100% sure that the processor went before the cap. Could be vise versa..... But I got my money back for the card and got a new card. Hope this helps you.
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