Windows xp hard drive duplicate issue

I have a windowsXP system with one physical hard drive. Unfortunately, windows thinks I have three physical harddrives, because three drive letters show up in the explorer.

This seems like a recipe for a nasty mess.

Potentially complicating things further is a linux partition on that harddrive, which works fine via a dual boot system. Linux doesn't think there are multiple drives.... :-)

How do I consolidate down to one?

I've tried existing web solutions, such as using regedit to delete the mount entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices - that typically results in having to repair windowsXP.

I've tried chkdsk /x or chkdsk /f - this says it can't unmount my boot disk.
I've tried devmgmt.msc - this doesn't see the duplication.

Maybe I did one of the things above wrongly. CLearly, i haven't done the right thing yet.
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  1. What is probably happening is that your one drive is partitioned into 3 parts.

    Did you inherit this system from someone? Is there data on the other drive letters? How large are the drives?
  2. They're all the same size with what appears to be the same content.
  3. Just noticed you said there was Linux also installed on the same drive. Is there a partition for that or was it just installed? Wondering if Windows is having an issue with the Linux setup.

    Have you tried re-seating the cables?
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