8pin to 6pin pcie power connector

Noob PSU question:

I was gonna get a PSU with 3x6pin and 3x8pin for my new rig :
http://www.thermaltake.com/product [...] /w0133.asp

This for SLI and one day maybe 3way SLI.

But now I see the new 9800GTX has 2x6pin and not 1x6pin and 1x8pin:

On the PSU site it says the 8 pin connectors are downward compatible but what does that mean?
The 8 pins won't fit over the 6pins of the gtx looking at the pic's.
There seems too much plastic in the way on the side to fit the 8pin with 2 pins unused.

Any idea's what to do or should I just get another PSU with 6x6pins?
I tought one with the 8pins option would be more futureproof?
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  1. You are right that the 8 pin won't fit. Maybe they include a converter? You PSU link doesn't work so I can't check.
  2. Here is the PSU link again, I hope it will work this time.


    It indeed has 3 of each king (6pin and 8pin) but that means I can only run one card like the 9800GTX having two 6pin :-(
    Unless I can find a way to convert the 8pin's to 6 pins.
  3. Ok never mind, I found my answer after a lot of surfing...

    quote : "three 8-pin to 6-pin PCI Express cables" are included.


    So this PSU has 6 x 6pins... I'm happy :-)
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