Is this Antec Sonata III PSU/CASE Combo any good?

I found this for $110 w/ free shipping. Deal ends on 2/22

Was wondering if you would reccomend this combo? If not im looking to spend around $100 on the psu and case together.

Or should i buy the same psu for $55 free shipping and buy a different case? If so which case would you reccomend?
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  1. It's a good combo, not not a good price.
    It is frequently on sale in the $80 range.

    Still, it's not a bad deal at $110, just that it's not really a sale price.
  2. You're not looking for deals & you're not saving any money. Look for deals. is a good start.

    FYI, the combo is good. Earthwatts is pretty decent.
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