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Hi all,

I finally got my EVGA Akimbo kit today and it did work on the BFG 8800GT OC, I didnt really doubt that it would but its nice to know it does. Ill get temp differences up soon but itll have to wait till at least tuesday when my new mobo comes in :)
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  1. Just an update....

    The Akimbo does fit on the BFG card and works flawlessly. There is a little drop at idle 48 with the stock cooler vs 40 with the Akimbo, this is with the fans at 80 percent and with the stock cooler it was overclocked to 700mhz and now its at 720mhz. Load temps is where it shines, doesnt really go over 47 in 3dmark06 anymore.

    Gpuz reads 33 degrees at idle.
  2. Nice, 47C is very cool.

    Just curious, could you grab ATItools and hit view 3d window and run it for 5mins? That will give you a very hot load temp.
  3. between 47c -50c
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