How do I get to BIOS with ONLY a working mouse???

Old Windows XP was working fine when last used 2yrs ago. Recently tried to turn it on and none of usb drives appear to work... :heink: which means no keyboard, no mouse... i managed to borrow an old style mouse with the round plug and after reboot it recognizes this. Now how do I get to BIOS with ONLY a working mouse???

[:etheralled] TY
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  1. To my knowledge, there is not a way to start BIOS with a Mouse, but i do know that there are adapters from USB keyboard to PS2Keyboards.

    Hope this helps!

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    You don't. It takes a keypress to access the BIOS. Look at the screen after turning unit on, it may show what key to press to enter Setup... but first...

    Get another keyboard, make it a PS2 one (one with round plug). The BIOS reads keyboard, no drive needed, but USB support may be gone (if you're trying to use a USB keyboard). If it's an old computer, remove the BIOS battery and replace. Batteries for past 10 years look a lot like a thin U.S. quarter.
    If you get a new battery, and can access BIOS, go directly to "Load Optimized Defaults Settings" (exact wording may differ). Save and exit. Come back later to tweak settings to your satisfaction.
  3. TY I have a line on an old keyboard I will try. I didnt think there was a way with just the mouse, but I wanted to be sure.

    I've noticed a good deal with XP and USB problems... was this perhaps an update gone awry or targeted infections of some sort that went around?

    Anyways thank you guys immensely and I'll probably get back to ya after banging my head a few dozen more times after i wrestle my 9yr old nephew's prescious old keyboard away from his lil gamer fingers....
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