Asus p5e , p5e deluxe or p5q deluxe

hii i have question about this mobos, which one would be better for:

a q6600 oc to 3.4
2 gb ddr2 800mhz (buying another 2 gb later)
a 4870 and later buying another one for cf
playing at 1650x1080

the p5E has the x38 chipset and the p5e deluxe has the x48 which both of them work better in cf (i think)
than the p5q deluxe which has a p45 chipset but i dont which one is still better

in newegg the p5E and the p5q deluxe have a good rating but if the p5e deluxe is better i will go for it
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  1. Well if you are going for crossfire then don't go for the p5q. As for p5e vs. p5e deluxe, they are both great boards. I have heard nothing but good things about both. Still, I would go for the p5e deluxe since it has the newer chipset (X48) and is cheaper. In both cases you will most likely be limited by temps and ram speed so it doesn't matter much.
  2. okkk but i heard too that the p5e deluxe has problems in ram in 1066 but actually that doesnt really matter cause im using 800 ...

    mmm i heard i can updated the bios from the rampage i read list of how doing it but i didnt understood a thing :( ......

    and can i overclock to a 3.4 in a p5e deluxe using a q6600
  3. and which bios should i have for the deluxe
  4. 3.4ghz should be easy assuming you can cool it properly. I have a worse mobo (for quads) than any of those and I can hit 3.7ghz+ stable. Since you don't plan on going very high the bios won't matter very much.
  5. oo cause im going to have the xigmatek HDT-S1283 with retention bracket and about the bios i dont know too much about them ...which would should i use , and how do i install it?
  6. Just stick with the stock bios. Other than added CPU support and possibly bug fixes changing your bios won't make a difference. The only people who change their bios are crazy tweakers and if you have to ask these kinds of questions you aren't one of them.
  7. ok thanks a lot , i will buy the deluxe :P
  8. +1 On buying the Deluxe
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