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Hi I have a

Gigabyte P35-DS3L
4GB OCZ Memory
E2180 CPU
Earthwatts 500W PSU
8800 GS GFX Card

my CPU-Z pics are here

recently my HD started making clicking noises and paused the computer for a few seconds.. it started loading windows slower and stuff too...

I had +.4V on the BIOS because I read a guide and it told me to make it match my rams (2.1V) I made it back to normal, and I also changed the Sata Plug that it was in and it seems faster now.. is there anyway to optimize my performance? :)


I made some changes in the bios.. this is my new CPU-Z is it safe?

btw... it shows up as 3.2 GHZ in programs, but when i click properties of My Computer, it shows up as 4.0 GHZ o_o
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  1. i changed it back to normal.. because after 20 minutes of Everest testing the comp froze o_o
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