What do You Think of my New Build

Hi guys I'm planning on a new build for Gaming,photoshop etc...
I don't know will I be changing much but My budget is €2200 (I live in Ireland so don't give me newegg links).
I may be able to push it to €2350 including shipping.

CPU:Intel Q6600 or E8400?
MOBO:Asus Striker II Formula
RAM:Crucial BallistiX Tracer PC8500 (2GB)
HARD DRIVE:Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200.11 RPM
PSU:Thermaltake Toughpower 1200 Watt (Modular)
GRAPHICS CARDS:8800GTX (X3) :pt1cable:
CASE:Antec 900(Will it fit the 3 GTX's and still have good airflow?)
OPTICAL DRIVE:Samsung SH-S203N (Retail)
OS:Vista Ultimate 64-Bit (OEM)
COOLER:Tuniq Tower 120

I will be gaming at 1920x1200 for now but will upgrade to 2560x1600 by the end of the year.
The 8800GTX is only €368 a piece (I'm not saying thats cheap but not much compared to my budget).
Please post what you think even if you are telling me im crazy getting a Tri-SLI rig.
I forgot to mention I will be upgrading from an Intel Celeron single core o'ced to 3.3GHz,256mb of ram,
integrated graphics (couldn't even play The Sims 2 nevermind Crysis).
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  1. lol... some jump... ehm, i'd go on a limb and say rather go for an AMD setup, with a quad Xfire mobo so you can slap in them 3870X2s, and also replace the CPU in a few years time... if you don't really want to replace it, that is...
  2. I was thinking about 2 HD3870X2's in xfire but I'd have to wait for the drivers and AFAIK HD3870X2 xfire would be the equivalent to 8800Ultra SLI
    so thats why I'd go the nvidia intel route.A rig with 2 HD 3870's and 2 HD3870X2's would be nice if only the drivers supported that.
  3. the 3870x2's in Crossfire would not be equivalent to 2 Ultras.

    Thats 4 gpus versus 2 (or 3 if tri). 2 3870's would win.
  4. Well considering 1 HD3870 X2 is the equivalent of 1 ultra (sometimes better) then the HD3870X2's should be 2 Ultras (I know not always that way but check out this http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3232&p=3).HD3870X2 xfire (aka Quadfire) gets 27.7 fps in Crysis but in this test (http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.aspx?i=3183&p=3) with 8800 Ultra sli it gets 42.2 FPS.
  5. Post specs, that's not what I remember about the 3870x2.

    And A single 3870 GPU vs. an 8800 Ultra is no comparison. The Ultra wins that one. The 3870x2 is able to SOMETIMES, I repeat SOMETIMES beat out the Ultra by a very marginal percentage because it doubles the GPUs. two 3870 GPUs barely manage to keep up with one ultra GPU more often than not.

    And I would go with either two 8800GT's in SLI or two 8800 Ultra's. I see no reason to go beyond that. I have a triple SLI mobo, and I'm sticking with two 8800GTs.
  6. If U really wanna go the SLI way, you should wait a couple of months to see how the Nvidia Nforce 790i performs like. (Native PCI-E 2.0)
    By that time you may be able 2 buy an Intel Core 2 Quad (Q9450 with 12MB of L2)
  7. The biggest problem with 790i is that it will be a ddr3 board and ddr3 is awful dear and not worth it.I did consider a Q9450 but the biggest problem is that a 3.6GHz o/c could be a problem because you more than likely hit the FSB wall.It only has like an 8x multiplier thats why i went for the Q6600 over it.I was comparing HD3870X2 v 1 ultra and 2 HD3870X2 in xfire v 8800 ultra sli.
  8. My suggestions and reasoning...
    -go with 2 ultras instead of 3 gtx's, theyre better fot larger screens and hgiher resolutions
    -you porbably wont need all 1200W of power, 900-1000 should be plenty
    -go with the q6600, best perfomrance for price
    -if your going with 64-bit vista, get atleast 4 gigs of ram, thats what it best take advantage of
  9. All the Ultra is is an overclocked GTX. Not worth the xtra $$$ for my opinion
  10. Thanks for your suggestions Halflife but i can 2 gigs of pc 8500 ram or 4 gigs of pc6400 ram.The pc8500 ram could probably be better for overclocking because straight out of the box i could run the ram with FSB1:1.I won't go for 2 ultras(€1044) because thay are the practically the same price as 3 GTX's(€1104) and I can overclock the gtx higher than an ultra.You're right I won't use 1200W of power but the toughpower 1000W is
    €265 and the 1200W is €279 so it is only €14 for 200W and they are the only supplies capable of taking tri-sli on that site.
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