Overclocking an AMD 64 X2 4400+ s939

Hi everyone.

Let me start off by saying I am completely new to the oc'ing thing. I've tried reading up on it as much as possible but I feel I need to have some input from other more experienced people. The reason I've started looking into oc'ing btw is due to my interest in playing the newly released mmo warhammer online, and I'm sorry to say so far it hasn't been running top notch on my computer.

So, not being completely satisfied with my war gaming experience I decided to overclock my cpu yesterday. I had never done it before so I just did a small test, increasing my FSB speed from 200 to 220MHz, pushing my cores up to about 2.4GHz. After that I ran war for a few hours without any problems at all and unless I was just imagining things, seeing as the OC was so small, it did feel like the game was running a a little smoother.

Anyway, I am really tempted to push it some more, I am thinking about going to 240 and reach 2.64GHz. Being a newbie at this though, and a little nervous, I am wondering if there is anything in particular I should look out for. I am thinking I'll keep an eye on CPU temperature, and maybe the cpu voltage (which is set to auto in bios, so I guess it will increase if necessary?), so that neither rises too high. Other than that, any instability issues is ofcourse an obvious heads up.

Anything else I should worry about? Btw I also believe that my memory speeds are set to auto in the bios. Oh, and I am doing this overclock asynched, so memories and pcie speeds are not touched, good or bad? ...

One more thing. I've read a bit about other people oc'ing this cpu and it seems some people have actually set the FSB to 237 or something like that. What would the reason for this be? I mean I see no reason setting it such an odd number, what am I missing?

My motherboard btw is an ASRock 939Dual-Sata2, hence my cpu has a 939 socket type.
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  1. Here is a s939 OCing guide. It is old but it is still completely relevant and contains the answer to almost every question you can think of.
  2. Well I used to have a 4400 and took it out because they are practically overclock proof, honestly 2.4 is all you are going to get unless you want crashes. I tried what you are doing and pushed 2.4, but honestly the higher I went the system became slower and unstable. Better off purchasing an AMD Opteron 180 foro $149, starts out at 2.4 and can be easily pushed to 2.65 w/o a single problem and you could go higher, I know some guys are around 2.9 even 3.0. Juts make sure you have very good gaming memory and a good power supply. What video card are you using and how many GB of Memory? cause that will play a major role when playing games. good luck.


    Asus A8N-SLI
    Dual Core AMD Opteron 180 2.65ghz Oc'd
    4GB OCZ Platinum Memory
    (2) - Nvidia 9800GTX+ SSC
    Maxtor 300GB 7200rpm HD
    Cosair 750W Power Supply
    SB Audigy ZS soundcard
    7.1 Creative Surround System
  3. Ive got a 3800+ that overclocked really easily from 2 to 2.5 ghz. So if 2.4 is all your getting out of the 4400+ your doing something wrong.
  4. Ditto... I parked my 4400X2 939 a while back. I had good cooling, good memory, A8n32SLI and spent hours of experienced tweaking only to get a max overclock of 2.2->2.4. Keep in mind when that chip came out the fastest was 4800 and for most OC's I have seen you were doing good to get the bump from a 4400 to a 4600. Unlike Intel AMD still has little to no headroom in their processors from the listed speed.
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