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:hello: I've rushed to buy a video card for my new build. After looking for some cards I decided to go for the BFG GeForce 9600 GT OC. I payed $200 but I am not sure if it's a good buy. My intent with the computer is to use it mainly as a DAW (digital audio workstation). The goal was to make is as silent as possible but this card is not. I also plan on using it to play video games sometimes. Other musicians recommended me to get a graphic card without a fan.
Is this a good buy for $200?
Is there something better and quieter that someone can recommend?
Are all the gaming cards noisy? If this is the case i would like to know so i can get one without the fan
Thank you guys!!!
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  1. You can do better for $200. This MSI 8800GT would be better in games and quieter than a refence 9600GT.

    You could always just add an aftermarket cooler to your 9600GT too though.
  2. Quiet on these cards is relavent to what you are doing and how cool they are operating. I have an 8800GTS 512 and it is perfectly quiet when not gaming. the only time it gets a little loud is when the temps start climbing. As long as you aren't working your card intensively you won't hear it to much. I wear headphones when I game most times so I don't hear it anways.

    That MSI card is going to have a quieter fanm yes, i just don't like the coolers that keep the heat in the case. But i've done it before it just raises case temps. but is quieter actually.
  3. thanx for advice.. I will look into the MSI 8800gt.
    This is my new build and its not fully running yet. I need to install windows. The cd drive is not powering so I am not able to do this. When I power on the computer the only thing i hear is the graphic card. Very loud and annoying. I have the cooler master cosmos 1000 case which is totally silent bought it for this specific reason. So i am not putting the graphic card under any hard load and the computer does not get hot at all but its still too loud for me.. So if there is more suggestions that would be great so i can look into it a little bit more.
    Thank you guys..
  4. On boot up the card fan will run 100% for a while. Im thinking because you haven't loaded windows or are booting to a device it might be sticking at this speed. My card is loud as well but after a few seconds it idles down once the thermal sensors start throttling the fan. Get windows on it and then see how the card runs.
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