Anybody know where I can buy SP-DIF connectors like this?

One of my Biostar Motherboards came with one of these:

This thing seems like a very handy device. Although many motherboards and soundcards can output digital signals, they often only contain stereo 1/8" mini ports that you can use and have header plugs for the digital audio.

Anyone know where/who sells these things (or anything similar) by themselves?
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  1. I think it's called an S/PDIF bracket, or riser.
    Try you local comp shop.
  2. These types of brackets are generally designed for the motherboard they came with and that is all. Youll find that it wont work on just any motherboard.

    What are you going to use it for? or on?
  3. Google these things to answer questions

    you would use either of these to hook up output to a 5.1/6.1/7.1 receiver via a single cable or under certain circumstances to use those ports as input from a component like a dvd player.
  4. @chookman
    Nothing right now. Although most of the PC's I have built have S/PDIF output built into the onboard sound, only one actually came with a bracket to use with it. I was just curious where more could be found if/when the time comes that I need any more of these.

    I know what S/PDIF is and quite a bit about surround sound modes and the connections they typically use. Googling S/PDIF isn't really what I need since I am not trying to find out what "S/PDIF" itself is, but instead where I can purchase connectors to connect to motherboards/sound cards to actually allow me to use the functionality.

    All I wanted to know is where can I buy brackets like the one pictured above, or if nothing else, what they can be searched under to find more of that product instead of just anything and everything S/PDIF/Digial audio related.

    After googling "spdif riser" (thanks jay) I have found out that the pin layout varies depending on the device. Since there seems to be a bit of a lack of a standard layout, I'm guessing that I would have to contact the manufacturer for a connector for each of their products.

    If these devices were common, I assumed that someone would be able to quickly give me an answer I am looking for. But since they seem to be uncommon, I'm not worried if no one can really help.
  5. Go to the manufactures website:

    I would say based on the accessories list, (if I got the right motherboard) they don't make the s/pdif riser for this board.
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