Having problems with new build plz help!!!

OK so I just hit the power button on my new build to find the CPU fan is not spinning.. Everything else works fine. I did notice when I hit the power button 2 times once in a while the cpu fan will start up.

Any idea plz!

I have a Freezer 7 pro with a e8400
Case 900
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  1. DS3L is notorious for doing that: cpu fan not spinning up at cold boot, but spinning up after a while. The cpu is cool enough. That's why.
  2. I believe its called SpeedStep technology. Basically, your fan only spins when the CPU gets to a certain temperature. My DS3L does that as well. It's nothing to worry about. You can disable it in the BIOS if it bothers you.
  3. that does seem wierd... but then booting then turning off, then booting again is a bit wierd as well... (my MSI does that)
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