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Hello, i am trying to replace shutdown.exe which is present in Windows->system32 with my application named shutdown.exe but soon after i replace, my application is again replaced with systems shutdown.exe, so is there any way i can achieve this.
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  1. there is probably no better method than the shutdown that was designed by the operating system manufacturer.
    But if you insist, uninstall the application that you have installed, shut off the anti virus and firewall, re-install your shutdown application, restart the computer, turn the anti virus and firewall back on. That will usually do it.
    But you have to keep in mind that there is no assurance that third party software is going to run correctly, especially when it's not signed by the operating system manufacturer, especially when the manufacturer is updating the operating system to keep non- OEM devices from controlling it.
  2. i am also working on the same issue i want to run an application after i press shutdown button i rename the original shutdown button and replaced it with the shutdown application which i prepared but it did'nt work could you please help me when you succeed with it my mail id is vasureddy619@gmail.com
  3. This is due to windows file protection at work.

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