New system, one hard drive, how to partition?

So I'm building a new 64-bit Windows Vista system with one WD Black Caviar 640GB hard drive. I'm figuring to set aside some 30-40 GB for a system partition and splitting the rest for various needs. My question is where should I be intending to set aside my system cache for maximum efficiency in a one hard drive setting? Should it be in the system partition or one that is used less? Or does it not really matter?

Anything else I should take note of?

Thanks, kslghost
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  1. The system (first) partition will be the fastest part of the drive, put it there.
  2. I haven't used Vista, do you have a recommended approximate size for my C partition? So it's ok to have them on the same partition? If i were to add a second drive, should I move the page file to that drive on the first partition?
  3. moving it to the second drive will work, but it's not a huge performance boost no matter what you do. AFAIK, it's best to leave it on auto and let windows handle it. I use vista ultimate 64 bit and the biggest improvements as far as speed go:

    1. Go from 2 to 4 gig of ram
    2. Turn off superfetch
    3. Turn off drive indexing
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