can micro atx power supply power on 8800gt, 9600gt, or ati 3850.

Well, im building my own pc case to replace my old outdated xbox 360. My goal is to make a gaming pc with a case as small as xbox 1. Will a micro atx powerful enough to power on 8800gt, 9600gt, or ati 3850? If this 2 power supplys below cant handle it, what power supply is recommended? it needs to be small as possible. Current spec are:
Asus m2a-vm
Patriot 2gb 6400 Lat:4
AMD 4200 x2
xp pro
hdtv 720p
no graphic card yet

power supplys will they work?
LOGISYS Computer PS350MA MicroATX 350W Power Supply 220V FCC.UL.CUL.CE & CB - Retai

SP Group FSP300-60GLS-MJR MicroATX 300W Power Supply UL, CSA, VDE, NEMKO, TUV, CE, CB, FCC - Retail

or is there any very small atx power supplys.

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  1. 350w is too low for those, its cutting it close, and brand name DOES say more than anything in the specifications. Also you will need PCIE connectors, which neither PSU have. Get this power supply and stop being cheap, people who are cheap with power supplies don't have working computers for long, sorry. Hope this helps, I am using the 750w version and its an amazing peice of hardware, get it, you can run it outside the case. Otherwise I will update this when, or if, i find a decent micro ATX PSU

    Also, I like that case but the picture on the side with the guy and the sword looks kind of overdone, just my opinion.
  2. rickpcnerd said:

    or is there any very small atx power supplys.

    Yes, they are call MicroATX.
  3. You need at least 380W with 18A on the +12 rail. Looks like you are out of luck for a good PSU to power those cards.
  4. well................................ the 8600GT gets all of its power from the PCIe but it is not a gaming card.
    im not sure about the 9600GT with passive cooling
    edit: oh yeah you are bogged down, no PCIe connectors? -from what i can see it still needs a 6-pin connector
  5. You'll need a PS with 30A or more available on +12V in order to run a power-hog graphics card like an 8800GT.
  6. you can use a MicroATX PSU & add him a VGA PSU, TT has one with 250W of 12v= 21A just for the VGA.
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