What is better 512 MB Nvidia GeForce or a ATI Radeon

Hello,I do a lot of videos and I have a show I would like to know which would work better with Pinnacle Studio?
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  1. If it was a car question, you could ask "I'm driving to Timbuktu, should I drive a Ford, or a Chevy"?

    Pinnacle Studio will not be putting any heavy demands on your video card.
    If this is the sole purpose of the machine, either one will do a great job.
    I have used both nVidia and ATI cards. The ATI cards just look better.
    The nVidia cards are super-fast for the most demanding 3D games out there,
    and ATI/AMD is giving them a really decent run for their money.

    MY vote is for ATI since a quality picture for your application is most important.
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