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when i connect my nokia 6300 to the laptop by usb cable simply nothing happens. neither on windows itself nor on nokia pc suite. while when connecting it through bluetooth it automatically connects in to nokia pc suite and to the laptop or windows itself without me having to do anything. but when using usb nothing happens. in nokia pc suite it acts as there is nothing connected it just says connect your phone now while it is already connected. i really need help because i want to update my phone's firmware. please help me this is driving me crazy!!!!!even on the device manager i cant see anything indicating something belonging to nokia while i installed the latest driver just 1 day ago!!
my windows is vista 32-bit
ram 2gb
hd 160 gb
nokia pc suite 7.1.....
cable used dke-2
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  1. please help me by replying!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Instead of repeating the request after only 2 hours, try using Google, it takes seconds...
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