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Hey there. Building myself a HTPC for my living room. I only want to spend around 1000 euro. I would like it to have blu-ray, high-capacity hard-drive, very good sound sound and video playback and I would like to be able to record and burn digital satellite tv. Not planning to over-clock it and it has to be fairly silent. Here's what i'm thinking of.

Antec Fusion 430 Silver, 430w PSU, HTPC, Micro ATX, aluminium front bezel
Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio
Crucial DDR2 PC5300 2048MB CL5 Kit w/two matched DDR2 PC5300 1024MB CL5
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz 1333Mhz Socket LGA775, 4MB, BOXED w/fan
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Eng OEM DVD 32bit
MSI G31M2-FD V2, G31, Socket-775, DDR2, 1333FSB, m-ATX, GbLAN, DVI, PCI-Ex16
Pioneer DVD±RW-burner, BDC-S02BK, 12x, Blu-Ray Reader, SATA
Samsung SpinPoint F1 750GB SATA2 32MB 7200RPM
TerraTec Cinergy S2 PCI HD & CI, DVB-S/S2 (HD), with CI internal module
PowerColor Radeon HD 3450 256MB DDR2, PCI-Express 2.0, SCS (HeatSink), DVI-I

I have a sky subscription, has anyone ever used their sky card with a PC CI module?

Here is a link to my shopping list.

Any advice will be much appreciated. :)
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  1. Most people would suggest that you go with an ATi card for an HTPC. Ati offers better image quality and you don't have to pay extra for Avivo.
  2. i wouldnt get a G31 mobo. P35 is so much better, especially for the price. I'd personally swap the 8400GS with a Passively cooled ATI card, like an HD3450. very low price, and has full HMDI out support for less CPU usage.

    the only other advice I have is make sure/look for an 80-plus certified PSU, as this most certainly contribute to noise. I have a 700w Seasonic that runs dead quiet. it's currently overkill for my setup but I'm so impressed with it, that I'd buy the same thing if i had to do it over again.

    I'd spend the extra dough on a conroe-core C2D w/4M cache. it'll run cooler and faster than an allendale. I'd also get the case first, measure it up, and fit in a nice big passive CPU cooler. the less fans you have, and the ones you do have turn slower, will decrease noise even more.

    if you have some Noctura Fans available there, I'd reccomend those as well. some of their 120mm ones are as quiet as 7db iirc.
  3. Advice taken - thanks. :)
  4. They dont' seem to have a P35, they do have a 610i and a i954G but neither of these have 3 pci slots. I could go for either and get the pci-e 1x x-fi card instead but I heard the sound quality is not as good.
  5. Hummm. has to be from them i take it? They have a gigabtye Q35 mobo, which afaik, is a low-power verion of the P35...but don't quote me on that. I'm just hesitant on that G31 mobo because a friend of mine got an intel-branded G31 board for his sis and has all sorts of issues with it. are you on a budget for this build?
  6. I have a rough budget of 1000 euro, but i'm willing to spend a little extra to get reliable parts. I see the Q35 but thats twice the price is it really worth the extra 50 euro?
  7. well, I don't like Skimping out on the motherboard in any situation. I think great stability is worth better than a hundred quid, but I did say don't swear by my word as I don't have much experience with either chipset. If you like it, go for it.
  8. Ok thanks for the help.
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