e2160 temps.. problem?

I just built a new system with an e2160 and the temperatures seem to be a bit high. It's on stock cooling and I applied arctic silver 5 two days ago using the directions on their site saying to apply a thin line down the center. According to the latest CoreTemp, It idles around 45 degrees C, gets up to around 65 when playing CSS, and gets as high as 79 C during prime95 but usually averages around 75. I know there's a break-in period for as5 but these temps seem high... I double checked the seating on the Intel hsf and all the pins are in and such. I'm using a centurion 5 case with a 120mm fan in the back and an 80mm in the front, and i have all the cables tucked away to improve airflow. The original plan was to OC to 3.0g but I guess it might not be possible :/

Are these bad temps? How can I fix them? Thanks for any replies..

INTEL E2160 stock hsf and as5
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  1. Yeah, those temps are high if they're correct.

    How much AS5 did you apply? You know you only need a little rice sized dab, right? Also, did you apply AS5 with the stock Intel compound on the cooler? If so, that'll definitely affect your temps.
  2. no i used 70% isopropyl alcohol and q-tips to take the intel compound off the heat sink and the cpu.. i might have scratched the bottom of the hsf a little bit :O maybe that's it. here's how the arctic silver website told me to apply it and i did it almost exactly according to the picture. i might try cleaning it and doing it again :/
  3. Those temps are indeed too high if you haven't oc yet. My e2160, oc'd to 3ghz, idles @ around 36 and running orthos for a couple of hours it's around 64. BTW my cpu cooler is thermaltake V1.
    I would do like rgeist554 suggested and verify that you haven't applied AS5 on top of the paste on the stock cooler. Also check carefully if the stock cooler is seated correctly on the cpu. Sometimes the pins seem look ok but there is a small gap between the cpu and sink. Also maybe dumb to ask but did you check to see if the hsf fan is spinning ?
  4. hmm. i guess i will do it all over again tonight. yes the fan is spinning.
    am i damaging it by running it at the temps?
  5. Short term I don't think so but I would not take any chance and try to fix the issue asap.
  6. Have you guys noticed a trend on posts about overheating Intel cpu's lately ?
  7. one more question, is there a better way to apply as5 than what they have on the website?
  8. You should look in the bios and see what temps it tells you, then run Core Temp and see what it says. If they are both too high, then i would try and reseat it. Look for a bios update too.
  9. Ok according to my bios my motherboard is 37 degrees C and the CPU is 40. I'm using vista32, by the way.
  10. I would check to see what Voltage your Mobo is try to use for the chip.
    Maybe for whatever reason it's trying to use a high voltage.
  11. according to my bios, vcore is 1.316v
    coretemp says VID: 1.1875V
    and cpu-z says core voltage is 1.152V
  12. I had the same problem with my e4400, found out that my fan was on auto, I changed it to run at max all the time & now the temps are 37 idle, 55 load.
  13. did you do that in the bios? cuz i checked and it doesn't seem to be an option...
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