Help me choose a better card, if it's possible pleez!

Hello, i'm new here to the forum, but have used this site several times in the past and figured I could get some could advice/help......

I am looking to upgrade my current 7900gs graphics card to whatever the next best thing my system can handle until I can do a complete re-build towards the end of this year/or beginning of next (this was my first a couple of years ago, so i'm still kind of learning). Maybe the new 9600? Or any of the 8 series that are better than mine right now? my specs:

Asus p5wd2
P4 3.4 ghz Prescott HT
2 gigs Patriot ddr2-800
PNY 7900gs 256mb
Ultra x-2 550w psu
creative xfi-extreme fatal1ty
windows xp pro

I know some of it is outdated now, but I was hoping there is something better other than my current card that will get me by for the majority of the year until I can build a new pc. I really appreciate any help/advice.......
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  1. 8800 GTS or a 9600GT would probably be your best bet. Both of those will likely be bottlenecked a little bit by your CPU. But, they would both produce large increases in performance.
  2. You say the 9600gt would do fine? That's what I was hoping to hear! Even if it did bottleneck to some extent, would it be far better than the card I have now as far as performance and such? Thanks, and sorry for the questions, i'm still fairly novice with this....

    That's the link to my psu, anyone know for sure if it will handle any upgrades? Thanks a ton
  4. So it might not handle much more than my 7900gs? Would the 8800gs be step up from my 7900 and still be okay with my psu then?
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