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I looked through several forums and benchmark test. Seems what I find for the most part are outdated. I need to set up a Raid 5 configuration to help speed up my write times reason being is that I use a lot of video and stitching programs for photography and these programs always max out computer processing. After speaking in the software forums they recommended to set up a Raid configuration. (evidently it's not necessarily the RAM that is hold up processing time)

I have to admit that my knowledge in this scenario is limited thus me finally wanting to ask for advice. I have 3 300GB Raptors that I got for a good deal at Best Buy.. 200 a piece. Anyways now I need a Raid Card that has great write times.

Computer Info: I have an HP Quad Core Q6600 2.40 Ghz Processor 8 GB Ram w/ Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

My primary goal its get write times from stitching photo's from lets say what usually takes 1 hour to a lower amount of time. Again to my understanding the thing that will help the most is a Raid configuration due to faster write times. I am open to suggestions.
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  1. Configure them in RAID0 and buy a 1TB WD Green 5400rpm storage disk as a backup, and you have a much faster configuration than the RAID5 as suggested.

    A serious RAID controller with onboard memory like Areca ARC-12xx might give some more juice and allow burst writes. While many people saying hardware-RAID saves your CPU, the CPU utilization caused by RAID0 software-implementations (onboard RAID; software RAID) is negligible. So you might as well use onboard RAID0 instead of a hardware-RAID controller. If you compare onboard 3xRAID0 versus hardware RAID 3xRAID5 then i think the first option would be faster.
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