Will 2 8800GTS cards support a spanned resolution of 3840x1024 ?

The thread topic pretty much says it all. I have a triplehead2go right now and was originally going to just buy one really nice card to use with it. Now I am wondering if I should just buy 2 (or 3) cards and just bypass the TH2G altogether. I don't know if SLI supports spanning though. I want the 2 or 3 cards to register as a single display at 3840x1024. Also, I want to make sure that all of them are running at full speed. I have run into some configurations that will not allow more than one card to run full 3d.

My ultimate goal is to play FSX on three screens at a nice resolution with decent settings. I am currently running the three screens from my laptop with less than desirable performance.

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  1. no you would need a matrox triple head 2 go
  2. Well, would the 8800GTS be a decent card then?
  3. I recommend you to keep using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 until a new version replaces FS X ;)
  4. The simple solution would be to use two decent(9800GT or better) cards, and attact three monitors to them. FSX is very cpu intensive, and not vga intensive. If you look at Toms vga charts, you will see virtually no difference in fps for FSX if you have a 8800GT, 8800GTX-Ultra, or even 8800GT-sli.
  5. darkmage87 said:
    I recommend you to keep using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 until a new version replaces FS X ;)

    FS2004 runs pretty well on my laptop and FSX runs 3840x1024 decent on medium/low settings. I'm hoping that since the 8800 has 3 times the performance, that I'll be able to run FSX on medium/high or even high (not to be confused with ultra high) settings at a decent framerate.
  6. I am very disappointed in the graphics do, is almost exactly the same has FS 2004 but uses a ton of more system memory and cpu, oh and the water effects are still terrible. I think Age of Empires III is way better in handling resources and keeping me entertained :D

    Age of Empires 3 Trailer:

    Age of Empires 3 Trailer Remake:
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