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I am currently running a P4 Prescott (socket 775) @ 3.0ghz (stock) with a ZeroTherm CF800 cooler. I have noticed that it will idle around 42C with Asus PC Probe II, and will run up to 58C - 59C under full 100% cpu load. Is that the normal range for a Prescott core? I heard they always run hot... Thanks
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  1. That is pretty good... I have the same chip and it would idle around the same 42C but the load went above 60C a lot. So you are at least better than me.
  2. Update: Idle after a gaming session or video conversion is around 46-48C and still stays under 60C under full load.
  3. Wow you guys prescott are ice cold. I saw my friends cpu the this one time at 60c idle and 80c load and thats in winter while my E2140 at stock goes from single digits to 21c at full load.
  4. then you have a faulty sensor then!core temperature cant go under ambient temperature unless your room is -0C
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