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Hey guys,
I am looking for a good raid card that supports raid 5 has 4 ports possible more incase I do decide to purchase more HD for the array. To my understanding getting one that runs on it own processing is a lot better than software based. So I would take that into consideration. There are tons of cards out there and the last review I found here in Tom's Hardware was 3-4 years ago. Price Range... Yes I know you get what you pay for. But I would like to see what gives you the most bang for your buck.
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  1. Yes the last Tom's Hardware Review for these cards was too long ago. It would be nice to see a new review. Anyways back on topic, I'm currently on the search for a RAID5 card aswell with 4 ports. You can try the

    - Areca 1210. Great Card! A few years old but it will do the trick.

    I would get this card but I don't think there's windows server 2008 support for it :(
  2. I was looking into this card as well. Pretty decent deal but can't find reviews/benchmarks. It would be nice to find and up to date site on current cards. I would think with technology that newer cards would be better than ones that are 3-4 years old. Yet it seems no one wants to write a review with new benchmarks. Perhaps we need to start one in here.


    Promise seems to me a decent brand based on older benchmarks that i have read up on as well.
  3. out of 50 reads no one can help and respond? With my last post I read reviews and it seems that promise card doesn't hype up to that much. However I think I narrowed things down. I feel this might be the right card for under 300 bucks.


    I spoke with tech support and the nice thing about this card is you can have 4 internal and then added more externally if you want to grow your Raid config. Only additional purchase that is suggested is the batter pack to help protect cache memory incase of power outage etc.
  4. Hi Dingleberry13,

    There are several companies that make HW RAID cards:
    LSI: Number 1 RAID HBAs volume. They sell to all of the Major OEMs. They design their own ROC (RAID on CHIP) ICs, RAID Cards, Firmware, and Drivers.
    Adaptec: Makes RAID HBAs. Uses 3rd Party ROC or IOP and SAS/SATA controller.
    3ware: Makes RAID HBAs. Uses 3rd Party ROC or IOP and SAS/SATA controller.
    HighPoint: Makes RAID HBAs. Uses 3rd Party ROC or IOP and SAS/SATA controller.
    Acrea: Makes RAID HBAs. Uses 3rd Party ROC or IOP and SAS/SATA controller.

    You will not need a battery(BBU) if you have a UPS on your machine and drives. Make sure you set the controller to write-back for performance reasons.

    I would recommend one of these:

    Good Luck,
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