Windows Freezing - Mouse still moving

Hey guys,

Having a big problem with my brothers computer.

It is an 'Advent T9208'.

The GPU was previously upgraded to a GeForce 8600GT. Yesterday I upgraded the RAM to 4GB and installed Windows 7 64-bit.

Everything was running grand and then the system froze. But the I was able to move the mouse and see it move on screen. Everything else however was unresponsive.

There is one driver that windows 7 isn't picking up and I'm not sure what it is, but I honestly don't think that's the problem.

As shown in the link, there are 2x 250GB HDDs. They are set to RAID. Would this have any affect on this issue?
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    try it in safe mode to see if its ok--if its fine in safe mode chances are its a software issue--you can then use msconfig to try and narrow it down
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