airflow issues

i switched around my hsf so it's blowing towards the rear vent. however, now i have 3 exhausts (PSU, CPU, PCI exhaust fan.)

my questions:

1. In the front of my case, i have this tiny little window, maybe 10 cm across and 1-2 cm wide at the bottom of the front panel. the side panel has a 20cm window that used to have a fan, but i had to remove it to fit my hsf. is the side panel enough to get positive airflow, or do i need to do something at the front of the case?

2. if i need an intake fan, where would be the best place to set it up? i'm thinking about removing a drive bay panel or 3. any front fan mount would still use that little slit.
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  1. my suggesting will be use gaffa tape 2 block off the side blow hole because the it literally cause a air short circuit inside the case which will lessen the amount of air sucking from the front which then will lead to higher HDD temp and less fresh air.

    yes the best place 2 place a fan is at the front bottom of the case.
  2. ok, i pointed my floor fan towards the side vent, and case ambient lowered by 4-5C. I'm going to try and frankenstein a 13-15cm desk fan to replace the 3 unused front drive bays (I don't want to hook it up using the psu connectors.)

    or, i think i'm going to jury rig my pci exhaust fan to blow air in through a drive bay. since it's pulling, it's probably not good for my GPU fan.

    or, i could mount the 20cm fan my case came with to mount outside the panel rather than inside. cfm is low though, and it'll look horrible.
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