Western digital hard drive running slow

I dropped my external hard drive and now im trying to copy all my files to another external but its stuck on the same file forever. Should I unplug the drive connector plugs in side the case
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  1. I hope it wasn't running when it hit the floor.

    If things are bad, they're bad, no difference if in the external enclosure or the mainboard of the computer.

    Have the drive connected to the computer and Click:

    Start, run, and enter

    In the box enter chkdsk (then drive letter followed by a colon) /r (and press enter)

    chkdsk c׃ /r    (I used drive C, you use the letter of the affected drive.)

    If it is an NTFS disk you can use  chkdsk c׃ /r /f

    Be patient, this is going to take time to complete.
    When chkdsk is finished, try to copy your files again.
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