E6600 Core 2 Duo expected temps at Idle or load?

Several weeks ago I did a complete upgrade overhaul of my rig. However, I did keep the Core 2 Duo E6600 processor because it has performed very well since first buying it.

My old system would show the cpu idle at around 28C and depending on the game I was playing - around 35-38C under load. At the time I had an Evercool WC202 watercooling kit cooling my cpu. With my new system however, I chucked the Evercool (fed up with replacing water pumps) and purchased the Tuniq Tower 120 cpu cooler. With my new setup my idle cpu temp is around 28-31C and under load the temp balances around 39 -42C, not a huge difference, and it doesn't alarm me. I'm pretty sure these new temps are OK, but I am considering a small overclock and I know this will increase my cpu's temp.

I think the primary reason for the higher temps (as compared to my previous setup) is the Radeon HD 3870x2 graphic card. The card throws a good deal of heat, and I think the ambient temperature the card radiates has raised the internal temperature in my case. My question is; what are the E6600 Core 2 Duo cpu temperature thresholds under load? What temp should I be wary of at load with this cpu? Not sure if this extra info., is necessary, but here is a brief description of my system setup:

Abit IX38 QuadGT mobo, TT 650W QFan PSU, Mushkin Redline XP2-8000 DDR2 8GB ram, Radeon HD 3870x2 card, Tuniq Tower 120 cpu cooler, 3 TT 120mm cooling fans, Vista Home Premium Edition 64 bit SP1.

I'm really happy with this new setup as I have had no problems whatsoever. Everything runs fantastic - the gameplay with the new card is unbelievable. I just want to get a handle on any potential heat problems before I attempt to overclock my rig.
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  1. What is a heat problem? I run my E6600 at 3GHz (stock vcore) and I load between 65 and 70C perfectly stable. I just can't go much higher without bumping it to 1.45V+ :D.
  2. LOL, thanks randomizer. I know it isn't a huge jump in temp., but I always err on the side of caution. I would like to get to 3GHz on my E6600. I feel pretty comfortable trying the overclock - guess I'll just monitor my temps.
  3. 3GHz is a effortless, 3.2 is easy if you get a good chip (unlike mine). Beyond that is where the effort starts to be required. As long as you keep it under 65C it will be fine for more years than you will keep it. I intend to keep mine for at least another year and I don't consider my temps at all hot enough to reduce it's lifetime by much. If temps between 65 and 85C were really a problem, Intel would have put the throttle and shutdown temps lower than 80C (approx) and 85C respecively.
  4. Well with my e6600 running under load 3.7 @1.45v I get between 55c and 59c. I never checked it at idle
  5. i also have e6600 and at 3ghz when idlei have 55c when load 63-65 at 3.3ghz 58c when idle when load 68-70

    i use the stock cooler
  6. PhobetorXVII said:
    i also have e6600 and at 3ghz when idlei have 55c when load 63-65 at 3.3ghz 58c when idle when load 68-70

    i use the stock cooler

    That sounds about right for a stock cooler, although I get the same temps with an aftermarket cooler :lol: Bad chip :pfff:
  7. i have e6600 at 3GHZ and my tmps are 34-35 idel and 42-44 lode and that's 1.34 V. I wood stay belo 60 tho. just to be safe.
  8. My E6600 @ 3.0GHz using default voltage runs at about 41C at idle and peaks at 56C under load. I have a Scythe Ninja+ HSF.
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