need help on oc q6600 on evga 650i ultra (noob)

I need help.. I really want to overclock my pc to have more performance out of it.

CPU: Q6600 @ 2.4 Stock cooler
Ram: OCZ Platinum revision 2 ddr2 800 mhz
GPU: 9800gtx+ evga
MOBO: EVGA 650i ultra a1 version
PSU: Corsair 650tx

please help me in anyway to get it to 3.0.. please provide how to do it and the specs recommended.. thanks!
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  1. First buy a new motherboard.

    Second read the OC sticky.
  2. I don't have much money to buy another mobo.. is there any way I could get to 3.0 with 650i mobo?
  3. The 650i chipset is NOT overclocking friendly.
    As much as I hate to agree with roadrunner on this, you really need another motherboard to overclock your Q6600.
    Grimmy tried getting a moderate overclock out of his Q6600/650i combo in This Thread.
    He ended up cracking the Nb after adding a bunch of extra cooling to it.
  4. what if i step up to 680i lt sli?
  5. i know this is an old thread but im sure peole are still googleing about this so i have a solution. i have almost the same exact setup and i have easily gotten my q6600 to 3.2ghz with this board. all with a 1.45v, this isnt the best overclocker but 3.0 ghz seems to be the best setting since the cpu can sit with a voltage ov 1.34v and stable as can be but that could just be my cpu. the trick is to eleminate the vdrop via pencil mod. google the pencil md to eleminate and get better overclocks. hope this helps.
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