DVI-HDMI Flickering On 8800gt

For some reason when I hook my computer (8800gt DVI) up to my 1080p sharp aquos with a dvi-hdmi connection or dvi-hdmi cord the picture flickers. To describe the flickering it only seems to affect the contrast and it doesn't flicker very fast, it seems to flicker variably every few seconds. When I hooked my computer up to my tv with DVI-HDMI when I had a 7600gt in it I never got any flickering. Driver cleaning+reinstalling doesn't do anything. Is there some setting that could be causing this?
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  1. Did you try an alternate port on your GT?
  2. bildo123 said:
    Did you try an alternate port on your GT?

    Yes, both ports do the same thing.
  3. Hmm, I'm assuming your using the same cable when you used to get the clear signal as well....Possibly noise is being introduced, maybe try turning on spread spectrum on your mobo? But thats a massive stretch and I don't believe may be the cause..The only other thing I can blame is the card itself, possibly producing a signal not well perceived by the TV...Sorry I wasn't much help, but this thread looked lonely.
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