Q6600 Core 2 Quad Overclock

I am trying to overclock
a Q6600 G0 to 3.0 ghz

I have only overclocked it to 2.5 ghz but the temperature rises when in auto voltage.
I want to put it up to 3.0 Ghz, and what is the recommended voltage(s).

I have a cooler master sphere fan 2400 rpm and 2 other fan with one fan blowing air into the intake area of the cooler master.

I think the cooling is sufficient.

I have 680 Watt psu.

Forgot my mobo is a GYgabyte P35-S3G

I ran the cpu at 2.5 and auto voltage which is 1.30000V on my motherboard.



I have a 800mhz Kingston DDR2 2GB Ram

I appreciate all your help

thank you

email any replies to bluejamesbond@gmail.com or just post a reply.

thank you
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  1. OK, first thing, turn OFF auto voltage.
    Second. Read the O/C guide.

    Then find out what voltage your proc needs:


    Start at the low end of the voltage range at stock speed. Run Prime 95.

    Get your machine stable at stock.

    1:1 ratio on your RAM so this doesn't become a problem (yes, you'll be underclocking it.)

    Then start increasing speed. Check temps, run prime, rinse, repeat.

    See how far you get.
  2. 1.3 vcore isn't bad at all. You might have to increase it some more to get to 3.0 but nothing to worry about. You shouldn't have to do anything with your ram if you keep the ratio on 1:1.

    To get your Q6600 to 3.0 you can set your FSB to 333 and your multiplier to x9 = 3.0 GHz. That will also make your ram run at 667 MHz (333 * 2), which it can handle as its rated at 800 MHz.
  3. i wasn't done posting yet....accidently hit post now...lame.

    As jay beet me to it, that is how you will actually go about OCing your machine. For a much more complete overclock guide go ready the sticky in the overclocking section. If you are new to Overclocking you should most defenatally read it before attempting anything. If you have some idea of what you are doing then here are some of the basics for overclocking and some things to consider (note that this is by no means everything there is to overclocking, as i said before if this is your first time overclocking you should go read the sticky)

    You can set your FSB to 375 and the multiplier to 8 to achieve 3.0 gzh overclock but also run your ram at 750, which is of course faster then 667.

    When you are actually overclocking your system i would leave your voltages on auto until you make sure your overclock is stable at 3.0 and then start lowering the vcore and ram timings until it becomes unstable, but that is just my personal preference for small overclocks. You could totally start low and increase the voltages manually with the overclock as Jay said.

    To test for stability run Prime95 for 8+ hours, along with real temp to monitor the temps of your processors (core 1, core 2, etc.) Your processor should be idling in the 30's, maybe the low 40's, and shouldn't get above 65 or so under full load.

    Hope this helps and post back with any questions or concerns

    Edit: Changed to shouldn't get above 65 instead of should get above 65... only a tiny bit important
    Edit 2: Added some information i missed on the first go around
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