freezing or BSODing with mixed ram

I have 4gb (2x2gb, 5-5-5-12) of A-Data and 2gb (2x1gb, 4-4-4-12) of Corsairs. (DDR2 pc6400 for both)

When I use all 6gb I get BSOD or freezing.

I can use the A-data OR the Corsairs by themselves, but not both together.

I'm running these an Q6600 and intel DG33TL mobo on Vista x64 Business

Is there anyway i can use both of these at the same time
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  1. You might try loosing up the timings or upping the voltage. Mixing brands with different timings and size can get a little tricky.
  2. finally got it to work. thanks :)
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