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i have an external 500gb HD full of data and important infos and it fell from high altitude on the ground its not broken but its not working anymore (the PC isnt reading it and the HD isnt rolling.)

any info any help
i need my data i dont care for the HD
is there any technician on earth can do this job ???

plz just say yes :p or els i will lose my job and kill my self .

Thnk you.
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  1. If it was powered and spinning at the time, you probably need a professional data recovery service (Google for one in your area); if it wasn't powered or spinning you *might* be lucky enough to just get away with a new housing.

    Also some newer drives have a built-in free-fall protection mechanism (usually costs extra), check with the manufacturers web site if yours does (or did), you might get away with only being slightly killed.
  2. You can open up the enclosure and pull the drive out, then mount the bare drive in a computer and try to copy the data.
  3. If the drive itself is dead, you're looking at thousands of dollars in recovery expenses. Good luck with that :)
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