Amd athlon 64 x2 4000 vs 4400

Basically, on a tight budget (due to student fees), I've narrowed down my choices to one of these two. The first is 2.1ghz, the second is 2.3ghz. Is it worth getting lower costing speakers and going for the 2.3ghz or should I just go for the 2.1ghz? I know than the 200mhz isn't much of a noticable difference, but will it effect performance much if I choose one over the other?
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  1. I have a x2 4000+ and I am able to clock it to 2415 mhz, no problem at all. I do have a thermalright venus HSF, so I don't know how it would do with stock HSF. But, I never go above 30c. I got to 30 when I was encoding a DVD to Divx and playing a game at the same time. Otherwise, I am at about 15-20 idle, 20-25 normal loads. And with the OC, since the multi on the CPU is 10.5, I get my ram up to 800 mhz, instead of 700 at default speed of 2100 mhz core. I could go higher, I am sure, but my mobo has a max fsb of 230.

    I would go for the slower one, and OC. But, if you don't want to OC, you really won't notice a difference between the two CPUs.
  2. Frys was selling a pretty good budget combo today for $89.99.

    It was an 4800+ an ECS GeForce6100PM-M2 Motherboard which is getting pretty good reviews on new egg
  3. ^^^ good deal... if your not going to get a GPU.
  4. I just bought this deal at frys, to replace this old pentium 4 im on, pretty good deal for a budget system this is awesome. $109.00.

    Its a 5600+ OEM plus a ecs Nforce6ma that also got good reviews on newegg.
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