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Hi there

I have a generic 450W PSU, with 2x 12V rails with 18A on 12v rails but in the side of the PSU it says: 450W TOTAL POER ON +3.3V & +5V is 200W..but it doesn't mention the 12V..So is the PSU really 200W limited?or the fact that the 12V isn't mentioned makes any diference?

I'm just not sure if my PSU is really an 450w PSU..

Sorry about the bad language..

Thanks in advance
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  1. Forget to mention, the PSU is a LPK12-30 450W
  2. I wouldn't chance it, if you are splashing out on an 8800GT then why not go all the way and treat yourself to a nice new PSU as well.
    Whilst the 520HX would be preferable that 450 is the cheapest PSU I would feel comfortable with.
  3. I'm very leary of the generic PSU's. Especially when using higher end components. If you are looking for something to runa single 8800Gt you may want to look in the neighborhood of 550 or 600 watt brand name PSU's. Corsair is good, thermaltake as well and many others. Stay away from generics with gaming. I had one way back that was supposed to be enough for my FX5600 and it went POOF!. I bought a nice 450W i believe and it ran like a champ.
  4. Hi Carlos, I don't think you posted enough information about what you system is. Processor type, how many drives, Are you overclocked? etc....

    I would strongly recommend you search for a PSU calculator to get an idea how much power you really need. If you can't find one Antec's Website has one.

    Don't Skimp on the PSU, is it the most important component, if it is crap and fluxuates the power being supplied it will damage other componets, even the ones that cost 300 dollars.

  5. It's a Pentium D920 with 1gb ddr2 666, 1 WD Hard Drive 250GB sata2 and one DVD drive, nothing else..Its an motherboard based on ati1250 chipset from AMD..

    I'm buying a new pc soon and I just want to see if the card works to test it, and as the PSU is 450 wats just wondering if it will actually suport to plug in the 8800gt just to test it..It has 18 amps on the 12V rails (2x)..
  6. The Corsair VX450W will be more than plenty for you, and will be until/unless you switch to SLI/Crossfire.
  7. cjp3 said:
    The Corsair VX450W will be more than plenty for you, and will be until/unless you switch to SLI/Crossfire.

    Agreed.... I wouldn't say it would be plenty but very addequit for his application. Generic PSU's are alright if you are running a mobo with build in graphics or a very lowend card. PSU's are not something to skimp on once you start buying higher end components.

    If you needed a pacemaker would you go for the generic or band name that is proven?
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