New Low/Mid OC Build. Need advice/opinions

Greetings. I've also got a post up about upgrading my Q6600 rig, but this is a side project I'm looking at throwing together sometime in the next week or two.

I want to try OC on this system before going to my Q6600 to OC.

Here's what I've thought up so far for parts, let me know if I went wrong somewhere (:

Case: Antec 900 (goes without saying I think... + it's on sale for $100 with free shipping)

PSU: OCZ Stealth 500w (Think it's modular?) It's on sale for like $62, I think that's GG for price/performance

Mobo: GA-P35-DS3L ($90 on the egg)

CPU: E2160 (Does newegg for sure have the sl8 good OC version or should I go for clubIT to be sure?)
Cooler: Arctic Freezer 7
Compound: MX-2

GPU: 9600GT I think... I want to play games on this, or at least to have friends able to play games.

RAM: G.Skill 2 x 1GB DDR2 800 (the $45 set on newegg)

DVD: Asus DVD Rom...
Wasn't really sure what to pick, I won't need to burn anything on it, and I just want it for playing games, so that seemed like a good deal.


My plan with this build is to pump up the E2160 to 3.0 and get everything running stable and happy.

Do you think I'll have any problems with this? I'll be running XP Pro 32bit and using an old 1280x1024 LCD (non wide screen)

Please to offer good comments/opinions/criticism.

Will this be any good?
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  1. it should be... though i'd throw the money into upgrading your 6600 rig and getting a monster
  2. I'm planning to do both. Plan is to jump to one of those, get 4gb ram, vista 64 and OC the Q up around 3.0 or so. (And move over to Antec 900 case as well). All that within the next couple weeks.Then maybe get a 9800 card sometime closer to next summer.

    Glad to hear you think the OC build will work, I'm pretty excited to try it out. Still hoping for more comments/opinions though :D
  3. For like 7.00 more you can get the e2180, and overclock even easier.
  4. Really? I'd heard that the 2160 was better... I'd be happy to use the 2180 though if OC'ing is truly better/easier. Can I still reach 3.0 with the 2180?
  5. They are exactly the same besides the multiplier. 2160 has a 9x and 2180 has a 10x. I run my 2180 10x 333= 3.33 on stock cooling.
  6. Oh cool, well that's good to know then :D I'll certainly go with E2180.

    Now for cooling, I planned to use the AF7, but then heard something about it won't blow on the north bridge like the stock cooler does... is there something to do about that? Another inexpensive HSF that would solve the problem? Or maybe a third party NB cooler? Or do you think that with the Antec 900 case the NB should be fine?
  7. you're freaking me out here; i';m just about to start OCing my pc and i have an AF7...
  8. Don't mean to freak anyone out... I just want to be safe, reading that scared me a little too =/
  9. I initially started with AF7 but took it off because temps were to high. Mine might of been defective. It wouldnt mount tighly no matter what. I dropped the stock cooler on and presto better temps and tighter fit.
  10. Crazy, I was kind of scared to use stock cooler to OC with, I always hear people using third party so I thought that was the best way to go.

    Maybe I'll just throw it all into the Antec900 with the stock cooler and see how things go.
  11. You should be able to get 3.0 with stock cooler no problem.
  12. that i have heard...
  13. Well sweet then :D

    So if I go with that build above, but change to E2180 and drop the AF7 I should be fine? I could order today and maybe have by the end of next week :D
  14. Do it.
  15. @OP:
    for OCing on the P35-DS3L.

    Edit: Looks like MediaFire is having some problems loading the pics. You can download the pics as a Jpeg though.
  16. Hmmm those are good looking for their low cost... but if I can get by with the stock cooler and be stable at 3.0 I think that'd be nice. Which of those two would be better? And do either of them blow on the north bridge?
  17. is there anything wrong with the tuniq tower t120?? seems to have good ratings on toms charts??

    i might use with that board and e2180 in antec 900??
  18. I'd swap out the ram for Crucial Ballistix, good deal with rebate;

    I've been reading a lot of good things about this cooler;
  19. Shouldn't be anything wrong with Tuniq. I really liked the idea of the AF7 because it's $26.

    As for the suggestion of crucial... I don't like rebates, I don't trust them and I'm typically too lazy to fill them out.

    Thanks for the advices though.
  20. i have the AF7... it's bigger than i thought, but i LOVE it... let me know how your OC goes ^^
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