Can't install vid card on any Win8 PC?

Hi all,

I bought an HP Pavillion today for my wife and whe I got home, I took her GTX550 and power supply and put them in her new PC.

No dice. PC would not display anything. Tried to disable the onboard, DL's drivers and nothing. PC would turn on, but no video. Called HP. No help. Called Nvidia. No help. Best Buy told me to bring the wole thing to them, PSU, card and all, installed.

The Geek Squad guy went through 2 Pavillions, 3 video cards and finally took an I5 Gateway, a new PSU and a EVGA 560 card and tried to do the whole thing himself on a better system.

Same thing. No video. Nobody else could figure it out.

In the end they's gotta be Win 8?

So....returned the PC, took my PSU and 550 home, reistalled into the wife's PC and it works fine, lol.

What gives?

Is there some secret chant I need to do to make a video card work on a Win 8 system? I have never encountered this before and seeing the Best Buy stumped, it really vexed me.

Any help would be appreciated. Not sure how to go about buying a new PC now?
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  1. Quote:
    Maybe tying multiple accounts to a single IP could fix it.

    What? How does this have anything to do with an IP address?
  2. sry miss read the post I'll delete it.
  3. If the machine is configured to boot as UEFI a standard MBR (type) graphics card won't work correctly (no BIOS initialisation services etc).

    If the machine has a Made for Windows 8 badge on it, it will almost definitely be using UEFI, the "Technical" people at Geek Squad should be aware of the expansion card issues.
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