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i have just gone through 13 pages in the forums and can't find any thing so i'm going to ask.
I've just got the AMD phenom 9600 and i'm sure i read somewhere that you can set each procssor to do different things rather than having the OS to do the work. I would like to have one or two prossor's for gaming, one for the constant anti virus and one for something else. I have no idea how to do this so any help is good

thank you
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  1. You can set cpu affinity in windows using task manager.

    I don't think you can fix it for certain programs though.
  2. Ok perhaps i'm being dumb but i have no idea how to do that in task manager i cant find anything for it.
  3. once in task manager, select the processes tab, and then righ click an any program that you want and then select, "Set Affinity". then you get to choose which core it can run on. . hope this helps
  4. yup thats great thanks.
    I'm sure i've read somewhere though where you can do this not through task manager. any more info would be great

    thank you all
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