External Enclosure that will hold both HD AND DVD drive ???

Is there ANY such thing as a decent external enclosure (with cooling fan and a/c power supply) that will not only hold hard drives (say 3-5 drives total), but also has one or more external bay slots for a DVD ???

I use 2 external drives for backups, extra storage, etc., and also have a DVD burner in an external enclosure. All of those three help desk to be kinda cluttered sometimes.

SURE would be nice if I could put them all in one case where they all would have power and cooling, and I could use them however I needed.

Anyone have any suggestions...
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  1. How about one of the smaller micro ATX computer cases--or possibly a smaller case form factor still? You could put additional hard drives within the area usually reserved for the motherboard and other components. The only other type of cases I've seen are for RAIDs, maybe you could find one that accepts a DVD drive as well?
  2. Google CD Duplicator case.


    you'll find stuff like this. Power supply, and room for drives, just figure out your cabling solutions.
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