Bad BIOS Flash or what????????????

Well I have been fighting :pfff: with a ECS 848p-a Ver 1.0, running an Intel P4 ht 2.66, 2 gb dual DDR 400, I have been having problems with the BIOS not using all my mem it only uses 1 gb or 512 mb of each stick. The ram is good I tested them, each slot is good to sooooooooo....... I thought that the bios was in need of a upgrade so I downloaded the bios from ECS web page and the award flash program for windows, it said that I could run it from windows so I did and now guess what the computer wont boot :pfff: it powers on all the fans, lights, but it dont power on the screen. so what now new BIOS chip, Bios reprogramming, if I had an EPROM programmer I'd do it myself but I dont :pfff: anybody want to help. I know one thing I messed up I should have done it in dos. my bad :pfff:
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  1. Yeah, I don't have anything constructive to say (order a new bios chip from the company, i know asus charges about 25$ for them), but you learned a valuable lesson, ALWAYS upgrade from bios from.........BIOS. Never do it from a windows environment or anything else. All the companies offer these programs now, but you see nothing but problems on the forums, meanwhile upgrading from bios causes no issues.
  2. yes it was a good lesson :pfff: and it will be a thorn in my side for a long time. I have been working on computers for 11 years and I have never had this kind of problem I have upgraded many bios chips and thay are still in use :pfff: I am stupid for stepping out on a limb like I did :pfff: oh well we live and we learn thanks for the reply :)
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