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Hello all,

I recently tried running a few Linux distros (Ubantu, Puppy, Slackware, all latest) that I had on my E2180 PC. But none of them seems to work with X Sever. The instant I try running X sever the PC locks up and I have to do a hard boot. I believe this is related to my graphics card. Dose any one know a Linux distro that works with a 8400GS? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. All of those should run the 8400, I use Ubuntu and Fedora with my 8800GT. If your trying to run the live cd for Ubuntu and your having issues, highlight safe graphics mode, press F6 to modify boot options, then remove "quiet" from the string, and change "splash" to "nosplash".

    Fedora 8 just worked for me. Thats what I did to get Ubuntu to work.
  2. Debian, its really the only way to go. Also consider BSD.
  3. Thanks for the info guys will try that.

    @skittle: Yes I was considering BSD, in fact I am downloading it right now, its a 67%, 45min left.
  4. Ok I tried what 0p3n said but still no. I can load up text based commands fine but when i try to start x server my display refresh goes out of range. My display refresh is 80Hz so it is normal. I also tried BSD but no luck. This is really making me mad. Another is that I don't have any IDE HDD so could that be a problem? I had this problem with a few distros before, but I would assume they were fixed by now.
  5. Nope, I run ubuntu fine without any IDE hard drives.
  6. Running Debian 4.0 and Ubuntu 7.10 on an e2200 and a 7300LE with no issues with all SATA drives.
  7. Ok guys I finally gave up trying to run Linux on this rig. It is indeed weird. I can run any distro fine on my Q6600 based rig with a 8800GTX. Thanks for the help.
  8. as 0p3n said--fedora core 8 is really good.i've been using fedora core since v.3.0.the hardware support is great.
    or u could also try suse 10
  9. ^Tried all of that, but no luck.

    DUH! I finally figured out what was wrong. I have flashed my 8400GS BIOS to 700/475 (stock 500/400[?]). I reflashed to the original BIOS and now most of the distros work OK. Didn't think the flash could cause that many problems. Guess Linux is more sensitive than Windows :ouch:
  10. Good news! I finally managed to get Linux working with Suse 10.3. All other distros don't work any more once the BIOS mod is applied. I am still trying to figure out WTF is going on with the other distros....
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