Virus cannot delete cannot read from source file

My comp recently just caught an virus and I have tired many anti-virus programs to remove it and so far, no luck.

Avast reported the file that is infected, but is unable to delete it. So I decided to check it myself, it's a file in my systems/drivers and when I tired to delete it. It saids the following "Cannot delete uwvwibuv: Cannot read from the source file or disk.". I have tired using "Unlock" to delete it, doesn't work.

Note, this virus is also causing all my anti-virus programs not to connect online, so I cannot update them. I have tried using Malwarebytes-antiware, doesn't detect it. I can't use system restore because it's being blocked by group policy after "I caught the virus" (Worked before).
I had tired running in safe mode, checking task for unknown programs, and I can't delete it.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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  1. Boot of an XP CD, go into the recovery console. Browse to the file using the command line window and delete it there using the del command. You can probably do the same thing using a Live Linux disk (Linux setup that runs fully off the CD/DVD) whichever you find easier.
  2. Have you tried running Microsoft Security Essentials? Almost sounds like a Aluron virus. Can you do Windows updates or no?
  3. Some of the new viruses are a real pain to get rid of,
    Install the drive as a second drive on a working XP computer, the working computer should have a good anti virus (example: norton 360 or Panda internet security) installed and updated first.
    First, use the good computer to drag your files off the bad drive, and make a backup of your personal files on to a thumb drive, CD, DVD...
    Use the good computer to scan the bad drive, and hopefully quarantine the virus.

    There have been a few viruses that nothing and nobody could get rid of. They lock up the internet, they remove files from the antivirus, they stop the system restore from running, etc...
    the top priority is to recover your personal files using the second computer, OK that's half the battle. get your files backed up, that usually works.
    Then if you cannot get the virus quarantined or neutralized, the last resort is to reformat the bad drive, reinstall the operating system, replace your backed up files.

    Then you may consider using a different all in one anti virus, the type that prevents unauthorized incoming connections and updates automatically. This would be Norton 360 or Panda Internet Security. The type of free anti virus that is downloaded off the internet does not have all those layers of protection.
    Also, consider using yahoo mail or G mail instead of Microsoft mail applications. These two mail systems have more built in layers of protection, and it might be wise to switch.
  4. If you have problems deleting long path files, this tool can help you
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