building a new rig.....need your opinion

well am building a new system and am wondering if you can help me out

cpu: am not sure yet i was going to get the e6750 but then the e8400 came out and now am wondering which one should i get

graphic card: xfx 8800gt 512 ( should i buy xfx or msi since they are about the same price )

motherboard: the gigabyte p35 ds3l ( is there any mb in the same price range but is sli compatible )

ram: ocz 2x1 ddr2 -800 ( does it matter if i get a g.skill or a Corsair if am not overclocking ? )

case and psu
: well i didn't figure out which case to get but anything decent in the 75~100$ range and without a psu because i will be using my own 500w thermaltake ( is 500w enough? )

edit: btw am gonna build it this weekend
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  1. e8400
    I'm assuming you are in US - Nine Hundred with rebate = $100
  2. yeah, E8400 FTW...

    personally i'd say XFX, but that's cos i've always wanted to own an XFX card :P.

    if you're not OCing then you don't really need to worry about ram, though with he E8400, it'd be a shame not to overclock.

    what's the budget and what's the use?
  3. then the e8400 it is

    the budget is 1000~ and i'll be using it for gaming

    and i might think about overclocking when it gets a bit old (a year or so) but for now i'll stick with stock

    and i was wondering if the 8800gt is the best choice right now for a sub 300$ card since th HD3870 is 189$ now thats pretty cheap for such a powerful card
  4. don't go for a rosewill PSU... can you afford the Corsair HX520?
  5. 550VX for only $60. Much better idea than the Rosewill...

    The MSI 8800GT has a good cooler, the XFX doesn't. Normally I'd prefer XFX to MSI but this is an exception.

    HDD: the best price/performance ratio these days is WD7500AAKS.

    Your RAM is DDR2, not DDR3. That's good, you do want DDR2.
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