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hi i'm having trouble with messenger after i've formatted. i'm using xp x64 operating system and it allows live messenger 8.0 the most updated. first i install 7.5 and everything was fine. than i found 8.0 and install now i cant see my contact on messenger the list is completely empty.
hope someone can help.
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  1. I cant remember for sure, but i believe that there is an option in settings that limits the users you can and cant see in your messenger contact list. Its an option with a setting something to the effect of "display/dont display offline contacts". Otherwise, i would suggest uninstalling the 8.0 version, and reinstalling the 7.5 and wait for a patch.
  2. i know installing 7.5 is a solution but why 8.0 doesn't work =/ 7.5 reminds me past=)
  3. Sometimes when a software is updated, it doesnt work for everyone due to different configurations, updates, OS's, etc. It might just be that your current verison of windows and windows updates, isnt liking/compatible with the new update yet. Wait until they have a chance to do some patches. That might solve your issue.
  4. thank you i'll wait and see..
  5. i started to think that my modem is the thing tha causes this problem. i've found a few topics about it. have anybody ever heard tılgın? i use a 10 mbit connection though superonline fiber optic and they gave me the tılgın modem.
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