Totally lost with which case to buy

Well not for trying, iv been on this solid now for 10 hours and my head hurts. I thought id throw it to you guys see what you think. Ill give you the facts blunt and quick. I need a new case, it will be in a pretty dusty environment and by that i mean nothing major like sandstorms but our house creates alot of dust. Yes we do clean it every day! Well anyway need a case that has dust covers built in, kind of wanted a mid tower case and plan to have a q6600 with possible SLI. Like i say iv mooched around for hours and checked the forum but cant seem to find THE case. The only real preferance i have is that it is not to gamey in the looks department.

Anyway guys thanks for you help here it is much appreciated as im pulling my hair out! Many thanks folks.
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  1. What is your budget? I have just got done doing multiple weeks of research on computer cases, and at the moment I most likely am the one to talk to, so I will keep checking your post. Please update with a budget.
  2. Offers a better than averge cooling solution with the open mesh-type front bezel and 120mm ehaust fan. I think the same case is available without the clear side panel and cheaper. Simple smart style, not gamey looking. Roomy. Reasonale price.
  3. Again, we need your price range to be able to correctly recommend a case. I beleive that you should get a case that you wont get tired of and that wont let you down in anything you do. Cooling is a major concern for me, and should be to everyone. A good case will be designed so that dust is hard to get inside, but any case can be modded with dust guards and general screening, so you should worry more about performance, looks, and features. A great case does not have to be expensive of course, but it helps. We will find you the best case for your needs. Also does the case have to be a midtower, is there height or depth restrictions? Lastly what do you plan on putting in this case, best, and most expensive, case scenerio of couse?

    As always badge, love the avatar.
  4. I believe that a few of the Antec cases (not the 900) like the 180 and the 182 have filters and some large fans in them.

    I hear they are easy to clean the filters, and let tons of air move through the case as well.

    Good luck
  5. Hey guys thanks for all the replies. Well didnt really want to spend more than150 quid if at all poss but could stretch a little if needed. As for the PC im building Q6600, possible SLI just the one hard drive and i wont be overclocking so thats not a prob. I am restricted a little on space so really couldnt go for a full tower. Huron i checked out the 180 an 182 and really like the look of them but cant find any where that states if they have dust filters or not also whats your take on anrec cases folks? They pretty decent? Thanks again all.
  6. Ooh forgot to add would really like a window on the side if poss, sorry if im being too picky!
  7. P182 is on sale at FRYs for $69 until Tuesday next week...
  8. You can never be too picky when picking out a case, you must live with it after all. Some of the cases I am going to suggest might be a little too big, midtower is a relative term. If keeping out dust is so important to you then a case with positive pressure cooling, more intake than exhaust, will keep out dust better than any fan guards. I am not a fan of the P-180 and P-182 series, they are nice, but the door can not hide anything that sticks out even slightly, and without it the case does not looks nearly as good. Also it has a negative pressure design, meaning dust gets into the case through any little hole in the case.

    Silverstone KL03, has great cooling for SLI'd GPUs and a positive pressure design, meaning almost no dust gets into the case. It is big however, be sure to make measurements. (look for it on the page)

    Xclio A380, again had great cooling. Positive pressure. It is not as large as the KL03, but the design and quality are not as good as the KL03. Silverstone is very well known for quality products, Xclio is known for decent products, but not nearly as nice.

    NOTE: Both cases come in silver or black, I found black was easier to find, but which you buy if you buy one of these is up to you, though the KL03 looks much better in black in my opinion.

    Hope this helps and good luck
  9. Hey guys thanks for all your input. Ordered a case today and i might get slated for it but its got great reviews although it getting a little old. Ordered the 3D aurora 570. Its got some nice features and like i say not seen a bad review of it yet, its also got those lovely dust covers built in :)

    The best thing was it cost me only 100 notes! Hope i made the right choice anyway but thank you all for your input was much appreciated.
  10. The new Coolermaster Cosmos S looks really good, I might get it myself.
    Lots of fan (incl 200mm side fan), esata, nice look, big (extended ATX), space for up to 360mm radiator on top, etc ... 200euro.

    This NXZT Tempest looks quite good too for 99$ , but no reviews yet.
    I might get this one in stead if it can house a big CPU aircooler...
    I always wonder in what cases you can build a >160mm high cooler.
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