Can I use SAS hot swap cage with a SATA drive

Hi All,

I have a 1U system with 4 hot swap cages for SAS drives. I am wondering it is possible to plug SATA drives to those cages and use SAS cabling to attach to a SATA RAID card.


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  1. I actually need more information. The more i read what you posted im wondering if your asking a slightly more complicated question. Are you saying you have a sas designed rack but only have a standard sata raid card ? in that case it depends on the backbone of the rack. usually its just a connection interface and should work although i couldnt tell you this for sure as i havent really come across this before.


    I dug around as i would like to know that as well.

    Toms actually has a rundown of sas setups and it will not work as sas back plane is designed for specialized cards although idk if all setups are like this,1239-6.html

    as you can see from the link there are other connectors available depends on the specific back plane setup. if its the one that uses multiple sata connectors split from the single back plane connector then technically it should be able to simply be plugged into any standard sata controller.
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