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hi guys
i have this old card, which i dont know the model. it is an ati radeon card with 64mb. it has a dvi port, tv/out, and a vga port. it has red pcb and a heat sink, no fan. it is a PCI interface, not pci express. as i dont know its model, thus cant find its drivers. i tried to install old ati drivers, 6.9 & 6.11 version, but it gives an error that "inf error, video drivers not found". what do i do? i tried g.p.u.z but it detected only my onboard vga card not this external one. please help me. hope to hear from you soon. thanks.
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  1. Start by googling whatever numbers you can find on the card itself, or download the drivers for the chipset - identified by the numbers on what's likely the biggest chip on the board.
  2. Try running Belarc Advisor (Free) or SiSoft Utilities to get more info on what is in ya system.
  3. thanks for your reply
  4. But he didn't say with a cherry on top! BTW there should be some text written on the GPU chip itself, I would google that to get some clues as well. Now we wants two cherries on top!
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